Ian Tremayne (2009)

IAN TREMAYNE: A Tribute by Matt Gray

On Wednesday 25th November 2009, at 7.45pm, Mr Ian Tremayne, Chairman of the Scunthorpe United London and South East Supporters Club (SULSESC) passed away in his sleep at the Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow.

All of our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Jenny and sons Calum and Liam.

This post is intended to be a tribute to his memory and a forum for Ian's friends to post their messages of condolence and/or memories of him.

Ian was a character; there is no doubt about that. I will always remember the jolly silver-haired fellow who I met for the first time travelling to Doncaster in 2006 for a Scunthorpe away game.

Instantly affable, he welcomed me warmly to SULSESC and chatted easily about my job, where I was born, memorable Iron moments. It felt like I had known him for years.

He joked that I was a "poor bugger", for saddling myself with Scunny as my supported team; Ian himself was an Iron fan first, but, as many Scunthorpe men of his generation, also had a soft spot for Liverpool.

That was Ian's gift; a genuinely easy-going, humorous temperament with which he could strike up conversations with total strangers in any circumstances. On trains, in pubs, at matches, he was always ready with a joke, some banter and an articulate opinion.

You always felt his attendance at football matches was solely about socially seeing people rather than seeing the game itself.

This season his absence from some away trips was notable, possibly as his health deteriorated; now, his absence shall be noted even more profoundly.

God bless Mr Chairman, you shall be missed.

RIP Ian "Chairman" Tremayne.