December 17, 2005


We have set a new SULSESC record for membership this year as we close in on the 100-mark for the first time since the London branch was formed in 1987. We currently have 96 paid-up members.

October 4, 2005


The SULSESC faithful travelled up to Scunthorpe on Saturday and were treated to the delights of a sponsorship package including three course meal. As far as I can remember, a great time was had by all; the details as far as I can remember:

We caught the delayed 9.55 eventually. Someone won the black maria championship on the train up, made farcical by having 5 players and Neil Wright ruining the last hand when only five points separated the top three (that'll be another pint of bitter for me then...).

The chairman started us on the beer early, meaning we were a little noisy during the match and embarrassed a suprisingly sober Dev.

We witnessed a poor defensive display as the Iron were defeated 4-3 by Yeovil. Marcus Williams was somehow presented with man of the match by Lucky Butt - a bottle of champagne we had earlier purchased - the complementary bottle of wine intended for the man of the match went to Steve Torpey...

The black maria was abandoned early on the way back, as treasurer Vaughan was too busy getting his nails painted!

We drank some more, Neil W decided to show his generous side and bought some newly acquired friends (Becky, Kay and Cathy if I remember correctly - apologies if I've got it wrong girls!) a bottle of wine, and we bored them senseless with inane drivvel all the way to London.

We stumbled off the train - I nipped to the loo, and by the time Karen and I reached the Ship Tavern, everyone had gone home...

Anyone interested in the photographic evidence should click here...