July 14, 2020


WELL, this certainly has been a crazy few months! I trust that you and yours are doing okay and getting through this pandemic the best way you can.

The season ending the way it did was nothing short of a godsend. It’s been a tortuous couple of seasons for us Iron fans and let’s hope that whenever season 20/21 commences, we fare better than we have done thus far in the last 24 months.

The retained list released by the club didn’t really contain any surprises, though I’m sure many a discussion will be had as to whether X or Y should have been retained. It looks like Russ will be continuing as manager, at least for the foreseeable future, and the emphasis is very much going to be on youth.

Peter Swann has certainly been very vocal during lockdown on how things should have been handled by the EFL and closer to home in a recent interview on Radio Humberside, he reassured fans that the club is safe and on a sound financial footing (at least for the time being anyway).

It was a shame that the early curtailment of last season resulted in us not being able to attend our now customary annual sponsored game. It’s always good to see familiar faces and give us a chance to ‘catch up’, but on the upside it has meant that as a Supporters’ Club we are ‘cash rich’ for once and we are pleased to announce an added bonus for all current members, details of which can be found below in Andy’s latest newsletter.

Next season will enable us to tick off at least one new ground at Holker Street, the home of Barrow FC. Let’s hope it’s a Saturday, thus enabling as many members as possible to attend, it’s been a while since we had a good ‘away day’.

I just want to close by wishing all members the best of health, keep safe, social distance and here’s to us enjoying a pint or two together when next we can.

Up the Iron!




NORMALLY at this time of the year, we’d be arranging the AGM, sending out the membership renewal forms and the forecasting competition entries, and getting ready for the start of another new season in around three weeks’ time.

For obvious reasons, none of that is likely to be happening any time soon!

We are not really in a position to hold an AGM for starters and with no indication as to when next season will even begin (September? October? Who knows?), we don’t even have a fixture list on which to base the forecasting competition.

There is good news for SULSESC members, however…

In the absence of an AGM, your committee members have decided that there will be no membership fee for the 2020-21 season. Everyone who was a paid-up member in 2019-20 will automatically have their membership renewed for a year.

It was felt that with so much uncertainty over next season – and when, or even if, it will start – it’s not fair to charge a full £12 renewal fee as normal.

In addition, with us not having to raid the coffers this year to subsidise the annual match sponsorship, the treasurer is happy to report that he still has a few shillings down the back of the SULSESC sofa to keep us going for another 12 months.


WITH last season’s incomplete League Two season now officially in the record books as ‘final’, we can also declare the result of the SULSESC forecasting competition.

It was actually building up to quite a thrilling finale this year with only three points separating the top 10 at the time the season ground to a halt at the beginning of March.

The committee’s decision is that we will pay out on the standings as they were following what proved to be the last game of the season on March 7.

That means we have joint winners in Tony Carter and Abingdon Coopted (Chris Falconer) who share the prize money for first and second (£62.50 each).

Third place (£15) goes to Rowan Darcy, with Vic Duke and Jack Theaker due £5 each for their fourth place tie.

If you would like to see the final table of all 89 entries, they are available on the SULSESC website here.


THANKS to those of you who have already voted for a Player of the Season.

If you haven’t voted yet, you can still do so to the SULSESC email address at and when we’ve declared a winner, we will hopefully be able to present the John Birkett Memorial Shield to the winner at an early home game next season.